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Moshav Hazeva
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Hours of Activity

Daily 14:00 – 14:00. The last tour departs at 13:00. 

The new visitor centre in the Arava.

The inspirational story of the communities that settled in the Arava is a story of determination, perseverance and the constant battle the pioneers faced against   isolation, the elements of nature, heat, diseases and pests.

This ideological fervor of these settlers continues to the present day and enables them to overcome any challenge.

Through a physical, multi-sensory and interactive journey in the various sectors that make up the Arava life, visitors will be intimately introduced to the Arava.

This journey shows the true essence of life in the Arava, and allows visitors to take  an active part in the extensive activities taking place in the region.

The tour includes

  • A personal look at desert agriculture, hydro-agricultural development, technological innovations, new varieties of vegetables, fruits and flowers.
  • Familiarizing visitors with the way communities were built in this arid and enchanting region and allows them a glimpse into Arava lifestyle.
  • Learning how the communities cope with the water and land challenges in the region.
  • Learning about desert flora and fauna.

The tour is divided into three parts, viewing a three-dimensional display, an interactive zone and touring the greenhouses.


The Visitors Centre can be opened for groups and events via prior reservation.

The cost of the tour for an adult is 29 NIS, children (ages 4-12) and veteran citizens 23 NIS.

Reservations- Attractions

Cuisine and Lodging Near by

Hatzeva Field School - Accommodation

Guest House
0.40 KM

Ras Ha'Shita

Khans, Outdoor Camping & Caravans
1.05 KM

Louria Country Style Accommodation

Guest House
3.70 KM

Shalva Ba'Midbar (Desert Peace)

Guest House
3.81 KM

The Khan – Arava Zimmers

Guest House
3.81 KM

Bar Ba'Midbar

Guest House
3.84 KM

Ba'Beita Ba'Midbar (Her Desert Home)

Guest House
3.92 KM

Ya'arat Ha'Dvash (Honeycomb)

Guest House
3.94 KM

La Siesta

Guest House
3.98 KM

Itzik Ba'Shetach (Itzik's Outdoor Camping)

Khans, Outdoor Camping & Caravans
3.99 KM

Shvilim Ba'Midbar (Desert Trails)

Guest House
4.07 KM

Gan Eden Ba'Arava (Paradise in the Arava)

Guest House
4.14 KM

Derech Ha'Arava (The Arava Route)

Guest House
4.21 KM

Orchat Gmalim (Camel Caravans)

Guest House
4.24 KM

Orchat Gmalim Khan (Camel Caravans)

Khans, Outdoor Camping & Caravans
4.24 KM

Bar Ba'Midbar Restaurant

Restaurants & Fast Food
4.38 KM