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Moshav Ein-Yahav
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An organic  self-harvesting greenhouse for visitors.

The greenhouse contains about 40 varieties of cherry tomatoes, assorted bell peppers and other vegetables.

Come and participate in a guided tour and learn about organic vegetables.

During the tour we offer explanations about the establishment of communities in the Arava, advanced agriculture, a visit to the beehive and how we fertilize tomatoes and peppers, using bees.

Visitors are invited to taste greenhouse produce and those interested in taking some fresh vegetables back to their accommodation are invited to "Fill a Basket".

The greenhouse is open to visitors between  October to May.

Entrance entails a fee.

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Cuisine and Lodging Near by

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Bayit Katan Be'Arava (Small House in the Arava)

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Kantina – The Store Ein Yahav

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