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Friday & Holiday Eves 10:00 – 15:00
Additional days and hours by appointment 

Come and visit us at the Artist Gallery at Tzukim Artists Village.

I am an environmental artist and photographer, a certified herbalist, and once pharmacist.

Due to my strong connection to nature, the environment and animals I chose to live here in the heart of the desert, and become a member of the Tzukim community in the Arava.

I love to create things from seemingly nothing; natural objects found in the desert after a flood, there are desert stones combined with copper and wood.

I create using a unique technique using iron, welding and winding, challenging the material and itself. My sculptures are made of hard materials and at the same time transmit a sense of softness and flexibility.

Once I have finished my creation I like to photograph my works in the arid and inspiring desert landscapes.  

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