The Peace Route begins next to Moshav Idan’s entrance, approximately 5 kilometers east of the Arava Road. A paved path heading south (right), before the entrance gate to the Moshav, will lead us through a pristine landscape of ravine sediment from the prehistoric Lake Lisan (=tongue). These soft rocks form magical shapes in the scenery. Next is the Hatzeva reservoir, about 600 meters east of the path, this is where Derech Ha'Chavarim begins, leading to the Idan reservoir which irrigates Idan’s agricultural fields. The path passes through the western cliff of the Arava River, in marlstone ravines – enchanting scenery! After approximately 4.6 kilometers we reach a striking observation point, surrounded by the Idan reservoir, Arava River, Edom Mountain range, the Dana nature reserve (in Jorden) and the Chavarim Sea. This path is accessible to all types of vehicles.

Back through the Idan Reservoir embankment –southbound, we will return to the Hatzeva reservoir and continue to drive south to “Mitzpor Hashalom” (The Peace View Point) on the left side of the road – an observation point built by KKL (Jewish National Fund). From here, one can see the impressive backdrop of the Arava River and the Edom Mountain Range, the progressive agriculture in the Arava and the peaceful border with Jorden. From “Mitzpor Hashalom” the road continues south. Just before reaching the fence of Moshav Hatzeva, the road turns left and continues through a Date plantation leading to a fork in the road where we will turn right, along the Arava River. Next to Ein-Yahav's greenhouses, the road turns left at the sign: “Jabel Hofira”, on the left between the Tamarisk trees, stands the "94" border rock. At Mitzpor Hofira  the Jewish National Fund (KKL) built an observation point where one can view the farm lands of Ein Yahav, the Edom Mountain Range and the Negev Mountain Range. Looking eastwards, you can see the road which leads from Aqaba to Amman, in Jordan. From here “The Peace Route” continues into the Moshav, and as we exit to the west, it connects to the Arava Road. We will make our way south towards Sapir Park, located in close proximity to Sapir access road. .