travel safetly

We all enjoy travel safely

Dear Hikers and Travelers!

The Arava has been blessed with vast spaces, pristine landscapes and unique hiking routes.

Keep on enjoying and hiking, but please pay attention and obey the rules and regulations in areas near the border, and take care near minefields!

Safe Hiking

It is recommended to hike during the cooler hours and not during peak heat hours. Take sufficient water supplies with you and keep your hosts informed regarding a planned hiking route and your estimated time of return.

Rules of behavior when hiking in areas close to the border or near minefields.

Do not walk or drive on military patrol paths running along the borders!!!

Sometimes these patrol paths may look like any other dirt track, but it is dangerous to travel or walk on these, and border fences should never be approached, despite the fact that sometimes they may look like an ordinary fence.

In addition, pay careful attention to signage and fencing in areas close to minefields. The sign says: Danger Mines! and/or has small red triangles. These areas are well marked by fencing and noticeable signs. Traffic in these areas is forbidden to civilians.  Do not enter these areas even if the fence is lying on the ground!

Safety Rules in Winter Months and in the event of Floods

Flood – this is a phenomenon of nature, beautiful and awesome in its strength and it is extremely dangerous.

There are a rules that must be observed in the event of floods.

  1. Do not enter flowing water under any circumstances, even if it is on the road and you are certain that you can pass through it. You must wait for the water level to descend and for the flow to slow down. If there is any doubt, stop!
  2. If you wish to observe the flood, this must be from a high place of safety. The danger of being carried away by the water is a very real danger.
  3. The Arava has many minefields and areas suspected of being laden with mines. Sometimes these mines are washed into different areas by the floods .
  4. Nachal Arava in its entirety is an area suspected of containing mines. Do not enter this wadi. This is life-threatening!
  5. There are minefields that are fenced and marked, do not cross over these fences, along the entire marked zone.
  6. The agriculture channels over the Nachal Arava wadi are dangerous in times of flood. Do not cross these when the water level rises, these are also considered to be mined areas.
  7. Do not travel close to the Jordanian border – and especially not on the (military) patrol path.

In any event – pay attention to instructions given by security and rescue forces throughout the area.

Important Telephone Numbers

Police              100

Ambulance     101

Fire Brigade    102

Nadav Ilon Chief of Security



[email protected]