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The Arava Goddess was established in 2007, and is located at Tzukim on Highway 90, in the Middle Arava region.

Our studio is open and operates in the artist village. The studio has an exquisite and fragrant boutique with a special atmosphere and natural beauty products that can only be found here.

In our workshop, we make soaps and beauty products from plant oil extracts together with high quality raw desert ingredients from the Negev and Arava regions.

The Arava Goddess is a family-owned business and the workshop is located on the Incense Route. We receive our inspiration from Nabatean tribe traditions, who once transported their goods using camel caravans across the Negev Deserts.

Our aromatherapy products, for direct body use, are made from herbal and active healthy and human friendly ingredients, and are also environmentally friendly. The products nurture, nourish and have therapeutic qualities. They are made from fine, natural ingredients, free of preservatives, toxic substances, do not contain SLS, assorted synthetics or scents.

We believe that the materials that nourish our bodies should be only natural and of high quality. These substances contain essential fatty acids, antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins and minerals and have the ability to benefit our skin, renew cells, speed up healing processes and slow down signs of aging. We produce our products in a traditional hand-made method using a cold cooking process to maintain the values ​​of oils and their healthy properties. We produce in small batches and according to customer demand.

We maintain a fair trade policy and offer all our clients professional and courteous service.

We guarantee that our products are :

  • Free of carcinogenic or dangerous substances such as - SLS.
  • Free of parabens and harsh or dangerous preservatives.
  • Do not contain synthetic fragrances.
  • Do not contain chemicals or petroleum products.
  • Are not tested on animals.

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