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Recommendations and Activities

מרכז ויידור

A Glimpse at Arava Agriculture  | 09:00 – 15:00  |

An inspirational tour, including a three-dimensional film and tour of the greenhouses exhibiting the best of Arava agriculture. Come and enjoy being a farmer for a day, making rain fall …... and a glimpse into the lives of Arava families. Tours depart every hour.

We are located on the Arava Road, not far from the Hatzeva junction.

The center is open to the public from 10:00 to 14:00 daily. Tours take place every hour on the hour. The last tour leaves at 13:00.

The Visitors Center can be opened for groups and events every hour after prior coordination.

The Visitors Centre can be opened for groups and events via prior reservation.

The cost of the tour for an adult is 29 NIS, children (ages 4-12), students and veteran citizens 23 NIS.

For further details contact 077-5681608, 052-8666114
[email protected]     www.vidor-center.co.il

חוות סי-גל

Sea-Gal Farm

Take a break on your way to Eilat and visit us at Sea-Gal Farm.

Come and enjoy a guided tour, suitable for all ages to learn about advanced aquaculture and commercial ornamental fish farming, in the desert.

Sigal and Ran will take you on a fun and educating guided tour to see the Mollies, Poecilia Velifera, and Poecilia Sphenops fish  -  all are ornamental fish for export. Learn about their lifespan, courtship, breeding and spawning.

Every visitor receives a gift!

Group tours are also available.

Tours are by appointment and the duration is approximately 45 minutes.

Group tours are also available. .

Hours of operation - 08: 00-18: 00

Special winter prices available until Passover 30 Nis from the age of two.

Groups 25 Nis per person.

For further details and reservations 052-3665912

To Infinity and Beyond

To Infinity and Beyond  |Arava Star Watching Advance coordination needed

Astronomy, Mythology, the Universe and us meet in the desert

Is the universe really infinite?   What is a Star?   What’s a Galaxy?  And a Planet?  
What is the distance from Earth to prominent Stars?  How does the night sky change during the night, and across seasons?
Stars and constellations have always intrigued people, and triggered many questions, beliefs and myths.
The super-clear air and low “light pollution” make the Arava desert an ideal site for an amazing, unforgettable star-watching experience. Come join us for a guided tour of the Arava night sky. 
A kettle of hot “Bedouin style” desert tea will keep us warm as we watch stars and constellations using binoculars and a telescope. We will get familiar with main constellations, learn how to use stars for finding the North, and get a taste of ancient mythology stories associated with prominent constellations. 
The tour is suitable for all ages, lasts approximately 2 hours, and takes place in the Arava desert, in a location that’s accessible to all vehicles. Up to 30 participants per tour.
Advance coordination is required.

facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AravaStars

For details and reservation, please contact: 
Alon Goldstein  [email protected]   mobile  +972-54-5234197


Crocoloco – Crocodile Farm – Ir Ovot

Come and visit us at Crocoloco  - Crocodile Farm and enjoy a guided tour.

The tour lasts 45 minutes and is suitable for all ages.

Meet our crocodiles from close by! From the largest ones, that reach a few meters long, to the young crocodiles and even a baby crocodile and crocodile eggs in an incubator!

Receive explanations and learn interesting facts about them, their way of life and their body systems.

At the end of the tour you can 'pet' a baby crocodile and take pictures with it.

Open all day every day (during the daytime).

During summer, evening tours are available and must be booked in advance.

For further details contact 052-8991088

משק גינת

Ginat Fish Farm   | Pre-booking required |  Ein Yahav

Come and enjoy a fascinating ornamental fish farming tour at Ginat Farm, in the Arava.   

During our family-friendly tour, we explain how we breed and grow aquarium fish, we will take a closer look at their life stages, and learn about the complexity of ornamental fish breeding in the desert.

The duration of the tour is approximately an hour and can be combined with a tour of our agricultural fields where we grow tomatoes, melons, eggplant and grapes.

Find us on Facebook

For further details contact  -Eviatar 052-8666022 Tuviya 052-3666169

פעילויות במשק צאן

Activites and Experiences in Sheep Farm | Zofar

Sheep Farm

Family fun activities and workshop for families who love a challenge.

The workshop includes challenging exercises, which must be performed in cooperation with the participants, on a herd of sheep. During the workshop, trained Border Guard dogs will demonstrate how they herd the sheep.

Price : 500 shekels.

A Shepherd For A Day

Have you always dreamed of being a shepherd? This is the perfect opportunity!

A unique 3-hour experience, starting with a lesson on grazing and how to control the sheep. Then we will go with the dogs and herd of sheep for a two-hour walk in the fields. We will tour the desert landscape, stop to let the sheep eat and learn to make tea from desert plants. A fun way to learn about sheep dogs, sheep and desert plants.

Price : 600 shekels.

For more details contact Adi Etrog 052-3868909

מחפשים את המטמון

Midmar Bricha [Desert Escape] |  Tzukim

Tzukim Treasure Hunt – by pre arrangement – every morning or afternoon.

This group game combines a trip into the desert that requires joint thinking and basic navigation.

The duration of the game is approximately two hours, suitable for groups and families, and is a great way to experience the desert whilst playing a challenging game and exploring the Tzukim settlement.

The group will be divided up and must navigate through various stations, scattered in the area, with the aid of a map they receive. A task must be performed at each station, before moving on to the next.

The game can be played in English and Hebrew and is adapted in accordance with the number of participants and teams compete against each other to perform all tasks quickly and win the treasure.

At the end of the game guests can enjoy assorted light refreshments.

Price: 50 shekels per participant  (from age 4 and up)

* Discounts are given to guests staying at the accommodation.

Dror  www.nofzuqim.co.il , 08-6584748 , [email protected]

סדנאות בטון עברי

 Beton Ivri Concrete Casting Works | at  The Artists' Village in Tzukim 

By prior arrangement

Come and try out our unique concreate casts and creations workshop. The duration of the workshop is one hour, in which we will prepare concrete in several colors, teach you assorted mixing techniques, until the final stages of creation.

At the end of the workshop all participants can enjoy a cup of well-earned tea with  cookies.

This activity is suitable for all ages and entails a fee of 150 shekels per person.

For further details and reservations contact: Adi 054-5721412 or Omer 052-8000751

find us in Facebook

הערבה בתנועה - נועם כרמלי

Arava Be'Tnua – Arava in Motion  | Pre-booking required

The best way to get to know the Arava is…by foot!

Every Saturday at five-thirty in the morning, enjoy a guided morning run.

Visit hidden off track places. The length of the run is approximately 10 km, at a comfortable pace and is suitable for all runners from the age of 15 and above, who are able to run these distances.

At the end of the run, enjoy  coffee / tea , homemade cookies and dates.

Joining the run is conditional upon prior coordination (until Friday at 20:00), signing a health declaration, and participation of a minimum of 4 runners.

Price per participant: 30 NIS.

** additional runs are available for private groups.

For details, inquiries and reservations: Noam Carmeli, Mobile 054-4354735

דליה מטמון

Dalia Matmon | Moshav Ein Yahav | By appointment  

Artist Tours

Dalia is a multidisciplinary artist who creates sculptures and pictures from unique and unconventional products.

Dalia invites you to a tour in her gallery of nature where she displays environmental sculptures, mosaics, the recycling of agricultural waste, and more. The duration of the tour is approximately one hour during which guests receive a comprehensive explanation of the artwork and creative process from the concept stage and the collection of materials to the final stage of creation. The tour includes demonstrations  and refreshments and participants may also purchase works of art.

Price 15 Nis per participant, minimum 10 participants.

Tours are available at 10:00 & 17:00 with an option to book additional hours.

Please book up to a one day prior to you arrival.

Master Class - mosaics, desert sculptures and sculptures made with steel wire.

No previous experience or talent is required for this fun family experience!  Coordinate a workshop at your convenience.

The price for a maximum of 5 participants 450 Nis. Each additional participant 50 Nis  - maximum 12 people. For further details and reservations, contact Dalia 052-3868990

For further details and reservations,
contact Dalia 052-3868990

סילאן נבו חצבה

Silan Nevo | Thursday to Saturday |  Hazeva

Miriam and Moti Nevo invite you to their farm, where they produce classic natural date honey from premium Medjool Dates , with no added sugar or preservatives.

The date honey fall under the SLOW-FOOD category, being healthy and tasty.

The visit is accompanied by an explanation of the production process, built entirely by Moti.

The tours are perfect for individuals, families and groups up to 10 people and includes tasting!

Purchase a bottle of date honey for 35 Nis per bottle or buy three bottles for 100 Nis.

For details and reservations: Moti 052-3666427, Miriam 052-3666245


Chocolitali – Chocolate Workshop | Ein Yahav

A fun and extremely sweet one hour workshop, suitable for all ages (from 2.5 up).

Up to the age of 13 – 65 shekels, from 13 up 75 shekels

For details, inquiries and reservations: Tali Dror 052-8666273

אילן טריטל - חליל וצליל

Halil and Tzlil (Flute & Sound) Exclusive and Special | Tzofar

Workshops for building musical instruments, activities, music lessons and performances.

Alon Treitel from Moshav Idan invites you to an intriguing and fun experience.

The workshop can be held in a number of formats and is suitable for children and  adults, separately or together. The workshop can be held anywhere you prefer and no previous knowledge is required. If you want to build  a bansuri, flute, or string instrument ... you have come to the right place and the right person.

 Alon also offers one-time music lessons for tourists who come and wish to experience playing a classic Indian bamboo flute.

Additionally, you can also enjoy one of Alon's  solo performances combining electronic music with (a classic Indian flute made from bamboo). Duration: 45 minutes.

A single performance with a classic Indian flute made from bamboo and classical Indian melodies. Acoustic performance suitable for outdoor activities  Duration: 30-45 minutes.

Ensemble performance  of classical Indian music, an  intimate and unique show featuring classical Indian (works).

Duration: 60-80 minutes.

For details and reservations, Alon Treitel 054-7917298

יקב מואה - צילם אלכס ליבק

MOA Winery  | Tzofar

A fascinating tour of the winery, named after the Nabatean city of Moa, one of the cities on the Incense Route, located near Moshav Tzofar.

Come and visit MOA winery and visitor centre.

Open daily – requires advanced booking.

For details, inquiries and reservations: Yehuda Fridman – 052-3666095

קטיף תרד בחוות בין השיטין בחצבה

Friday Agricultural Tours  - Bein Ha'Shitin Farm Hatzeva

Open every Friday – two tours available at  09:30 and 12:30. Each tour is approximately an hour and a half long.

Learn about the farm and crops grown here

Try your hand at farming

Pick and taste freshly harvested crops

25 shekels per person – from the age of 3 up -  payment in cash only.

Find us on Facebook

Book your tour today 050-7965887

סדנת פיות בצוקים

Fairy Workshop at Tzukim, By Appointment, Tzukim Artists Village

After many years of travelling and exploring the globe and dealing with textiles, Ilanit Bronstein from the picturesque settlement of Tzukim, discovered the wonders of wool from which she creates a world of fairies that represent universal messages. Enjoy one of her experiential workshops for making fairies, carried out at her enchanting and inviting studio.

The workshops are suitable for everyone from the age of 7. Children under the age of 7, must be accompanied by an adult.

Website: www.telepele.shop

For details: Ilanit 054-5269744

מלוא טנא חממה לקטיף עצמי בעין יהב

"Male Ha'Tene" [Fill a Basket]  - organic  self-harvesting greenhouse for visitors – Ein Yahav.

Come and "pet" our bees, and taste 40 varieties of cherry tomatoes, assorted bell peppers and other vegetables.

Meet the unique bumblebee, responsible for pollinating the greenhouse!

Participate in a guided tour and learn about organic vegetables.

During the tour we offer explanations about the establishment of communities in the Arava, advanced agriculture, a visit to the beehive and how we fertilize tomatoes and peppers, using bees.

Visitors are invited to taste greenhouse produce and those interested in taking some fresh vegetables back to their accommodation are invited to "Fill a Basket".

30 shekels, per person from the age of  2  -  the price includes a small basket for self-picking.

By appointment

Tomer Tene 052-3666606

גן הגרוטאן

 Gan Ha'Grutan  - (Scrap Sculpture Garden ) Ein Yahav

Shears have become the beak of a bird and an old set of wheels have become the ears of an elephant. The tin man grins in our direction and Don Quixote is staring at Sancho Poncho.

All of them and more, are made from scrap metal! Come to visit Ora and Amnon Navon's unique Scrap Sculpture Garden in Ein Yahav, see the impressive pieces of art and agricultural art, and hear fascinating stories about pioneering, community establishment and agriculture at Ein Yahav.

The tour lasts approximately 30 minutes is suitable for families, requires prior arrangement and is free of charge. Pre booking is required.

At the end of the tour, you can purchase the finest and most delicious dates sold at Navon-Avni.

For details, inquiries and reservations:
Amnon Navon 052-3666232

סדנת גלאור

Jellor Craft Desserts  - Sweet Art – Ein Yahav

Enjoy a unique, colorful and tasty workshop where you can easily create beautiful and colorful jelly desserts that are truly scrumptious!

Jelly desserts are works of art made with vibrant colors, using easy techniques that provide fast and beautiful results. The jelly is very easy to work with, it is neither hot nor cold, it does not spill and its taste is delicious. Each dessert is a unique creation and each workshop different from the previous one.

The workshop is a fun activity for families, groups of friends and birthdays. The workshop is suitable from the age of 8 and up and there is no need for prior experience.

The duration of the workshop is approximately two hours, and at the end of the workshop participants can enjoy a well-deserved cup of hot coffee and indulge in the desserts they have made.

Come and create beautiful and sweet desserts in the desert!

Preliminary preparations for the workshop requires registration at least one day in advance.


Orit Avivi 052-8310964

יוגה וצלילים מרפאים - אנאל צוקים

Yoga Sessions and Classes with Anael – Tzukim

A relaxing activity for parents and children.

Take a moment to breathe, to connect to the desert and your body.

Yoga sessions, suitable for families,  couples and individuals, women, men and children from age 3. Each session is approximately one hour. The session is adapted to each group according to the number of participants, their interest and their physical ability. No prior experience is required.

Enjoy outdoor or indoor sessions at flexible hours - recommended in the morning or late afternoon / evening.

* Subject to preliminary conversation for the purpose of clarifying health and adapting the activity

For details, call Anael 052-7220578

גלריית אנדריי כפר האמנים צוקים

Andrei Honter Gallery - Tzukim Artists' Village

Come and visit Andrei Hotner's Gallery at Tzukim Artists Village displaying a wide range  of iron, stone and copper works.


Open: by telephone appointment.

Tamar: 050-8801339

סדנאות זיו היצירה

Ziv Ha'Yetzira (Ziv Creations)

Ziva, a resident of Ein Yahav, invites Arava guests to her studio, located in her garden,  where she runs creative workshops for children, adults and families.

Eco-recycling workshops for all ages and a variety of creative workshops to choose from, suitable for every age. Unique and practical products

By pre-arrangement.

Prices range from 30-250 shekels , depending on the type of workshop, materials and number of participants .

Ziva Amit 052-8666223

חוות האנטילופות

Antelope Ranch

In a unique and enchanting desert atmosphere, the antelopes roam freely.

Guided tours are available daily from 09:00 to 16:00.

The safari tour has a duration of between an hour and an hour and a half, is carried out in private vehicles, allowing close observation of the animals living out in the open. Visitors receive useful information sheets to identify the different species.

Do not miss a visit to 'Noah's Ark' where you can meet the blue lobster [Red Clawed Crayfish], otherwise known as nature's most sophisticated.

Bring a picnic with you to enjoy in shaded areas, or purchase a selection of refreshments from our cafeteria. Children can enjoy the playground on site.

Price - 30 shekels, from age 3 and up.

For details: 052-3666041

בית האלוורה עין יהב

Bayit Ha'Aloe Vera (The Aloe Vera House)– Ein Yahav

Come and discover the Aloe Vera House Visitors' Centre - a tourist-agricultural attraction on Moshav Ein Yahav, for couples, families and groups.

Tour our Visitors' Centre and JUST ALOE cosmetics factory, producing cosmetics from Aloe Vera plants. We are the only Aloe Vera plantation in the Middle East, using a unique production process that preserves the active plant components, we produce high quality products that are known throughout Israel and abroad.

Groups can participate in interesting agricultural tours that tells the story of the pioneers of the Arava, the establishment of the communities in the region and  innovative  agriculture processes, in harsh desert conditions. The tour includes a spectacular view of the Israeli and Jordanian Arava.

Tours must be coordinated in advance.  Participation is free!

For details, inquiries and reservations: Shula 052-3666018

www.justaloe.co.il  [email protected]

מכוורת פורת עין יהב

Porat 's Beehive Ein Yahav

Porat Farm, invites you to discover and explore the fascinating process of beekeeping and the production of honey, learn about agriculture and enjoy art.

The tour includes a spectacular display of sculptures and huge photographs, transparent beehives that swarm with tens of thousands of vigorous bees, a film about the enchanting world of bees and a guided tour of a unique sculpture garden.

Visitors are invited to visit the beehive shop, selling unique products and,  for dessert,  delicious fresh and tasty honey.

Tours are by appointment only and last approximately 1 hour

Price – 30 shekels per person from the age of 3, up.

Visitors Center Tours:

Thursday - 11:00 and 14:00

On Friday at 11:00

Price – 30 shekels per person

Book online through our website, or a few minutes before the start of the tour.

The Beehive Shop offers six varieties of pure honey with high health and nutritional properties. We do not interfere in the processes of nature, do not heat or filter the honey, we just let nature take its course.

For more information contact: 058-5666032

פארק ספיר

Sapir Park – Free Entrance – Sapir

Sapir Park is an oasis of green vegetation that surrounds a large lake and a waterfall, with quiet corners for picnics and spacious well-kept lawns.

On Route 90, about 6 kilometers south of Moshav Ein Yahav, near Sapir.

Groups must pre-arrange a visit.

For more information contact  Shimon 052-6170271



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חוויה מוטורית בערבה

Arava Motor Activities  | Pre-booking required | Ein Yahav

A challenging drive through the magical desert landscape.

Self-driving in professional and safe four-seater and two-seater Tomcars. The vehicles are automatic, easy to operate, and all drivers receive guided instruction before and during the trip.

The tours are fun and suitable for all ages, couples, families with children, groups, and are accompanied by a professional guide. A driving license is required.

Tours leave from sunrise to sunset.

The tours must be pre-booked. .

For details, inquiries and reservations: Gali and Yinon Lurie 052-3223626, 052-3745539.

פעימות מדבר עין יהב

Paimot Midbar [Desert Beats] | Pre-booking required| Ein Yahav

Enjoy a unique, tranquil desert experience,  in ecological electric cars.

Sunrise Tour - Departure in the early morning to watch the desert awake, with morning tea.

Content Tour - Various custom tours that combine agriculture / desert / communities .

Sunset Tour - Late afternoon to experience the breathtaking desert sunset.

Night Safari - A tour of the desert's starry night skies.

Each car is equipped with a mat, coffee / tea kit, dates, cookies and water.

The tours are suitable for all ages (couples / families / groups).

Special tours, activities, customized content, picnics and more can be added to the tours, in advance.

Meirav 052-8991336,

Facebook "Beats of the Desert", sit:  , www.peimot-midbar.co.il

טיולים בבית ספר שדה חצבה

Hatzeva Field School – Recommended Tours
To book professional guides and purchase marked trail maps, contact Hatzeva Field School.

Please note that this booklet is not a substitute for an appropriate trail map

For details: Hatzeva Field School 08-6581546 / 76

פארן אופן

Faran O – Fun  -  Faran

Mountain Bike Tours

Cycling tours with your own bike or rent one of ours!

We offer group-cycling tours throughout the Arava and Eilat regions.

Enjoy guided cycling tours with professional guides, mountain bike rentals including a helmet, bottle holder and map of the area, advice on cycling trips and assistance with adapting the trail to the level of riding.

The riding trails are adapted for cycling trips accompanied by a guide or independent cycling trips.

Bicycles may be rented daily at 80 shekels per bike.

For more information and reservations 052-3929862

travel safely


Cuisine  - Restaurants, Catering, Fast Food, Food Shops


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Gamaliya  - Near Sapir

A warm and cozy atmosphere, serving a varied menu including homemade salads made with fresh local produce, homemade hummus and tahini, pastries, children's meals, cooked meals and dessrts.

Jam sessions every Saturday at 14:00.


For more information and reservations Tzion 052-3666240

פרם אורסולה

Ursula Farm Café and Restaurant

Ursula Farm café and restaurant is located at the entrance to Tzukim. A European-style restaurant serving fine, high quality cuisine.

We serve something to suit everyone in a friendly atmosphere. So if you are travelling as a family, a couple or with friends, Ursula is the perfect choice to enjoy a delicious meal accompanied by local beer or wine.            

Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday: 13:00-21:00

Thursday and Friday 13:00 – 22:00

 Monday and Tuesdays – Closed

Reservations are recommended !

For more information and reservations 052-4260112, 08-6444421

דק בר עין יהב

Deck Bar  - Ein Yahav

We serve delicious and varied, rich Israeli cuisine! All dishes and salads are homemade and fresh! We freshly grind premium quality meat to make our scrumptious kebabs and burgers.  Our style of cooking and the pleasant atmosphere is are suitable for everyone, travelers, couples, families and children.The meals are served in a restaurant with a pleasant wooden deck, located near Ein Yahav's swimming pool. Diners can also enjoy the bar serving alcohol and fast food.

We are also farmers and one of the first families to settle in Ein Yahav, and besides running the restaurant, have been growing vegetables for more than fifty years. The restaurant reflects our family spirit - patience, generosity and humor.

Every Friday 12:00 – 15:00 we serve shawarma, falafel and hummus

Groups may order meals to their accommodation

For further details and reservations – Yoav Asa 052-3666638

Facebook: Deck Bar

מופה פאב חצבה

Mofa Pub

Mofa Pub offers a new concept, light, delicious, satisfying and affordable!

Saturday the restaurant is open in the evening selling alcoholic drinks and an evening menu.

Pub evenings: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 20:00

Weekend opening times

Thursday         Restaurant 13:00 – 21:00

                        Pub – from 21:00

Friday              Restaurant 12:00 – 16:00

                        Pub – from 22:00

Saturday         from 19:30

Friday night dinners are available between 19:00 – 22:00 and require advanced booking.

For more information and reservations 073-7417509  0526944726

ארוחת בוקר בנוף צוקים

Nof Tzukim – Breakfasts    8:00 – 11:00  Tzukim

Nof Tzukim invites you to a culinary celebration every Friday and Saturday, between 08:00 and 11:00.

The Menu Includes:

Eight to nine types of fresh salads, 4 types of cheese, eggs made to your choice - omelets, scrambled eggs & fried eggs, with a selection of toppings -  onions, mushrooms, parsley, yellow cheese or salted cheese, two types of bread + delicious butter, olives, green & regular tahini, special jams made on the nearby Elifaz Kibbutz, yoghurt, four types of cereal, coffee and herbal teas made with spices that grow in the region and seasonal fruit.

- Dairy products only -

We also offer a special menu for vegans and guests requiring gluten free foods.

Please book all meals in advance 08-6584748.

חומוס אליהו

Hummus Eliyahu

Fresh, extremely tasty hummus, served with falafel, fries, finely diced fresh veggie salad and assorted cold drinks in a friendly atmosphere.

All food is kosher – disabled access available.

Thursday 09:00 – 15:00

Friday      09:00 – 14:00 Take Aways until 14:30

For further details 08-6516300

קפה סיגל

חדש בערבה  קפה סיגל | עידן 

בסוף שבוע זה: פתוח בחמישי ושישי. 
בתיאום - בימים נוספים במהלך השבוע. 

חדש! ארוחות בוקר! 

אנו מגישים קישים, מאפים וארוחות קלות באווירה מיוחדת בבוסתן.

לפרטים: רן 052-3665912

גן ירק בצופר

Tzofar Vegetable Garden

Visit and tour our vegetable garden with short explanations and a wonderful meal, served in between the garden beds.

A visit to Ronit and Moti Elazari's vegetable garden is a magical and wonderful way to start the day. Breakfast and Brunch are rich in freshly picked organic vegetables. Meals include a selection of freshly baked breads, salads seasoned with fragrant herbs and colorful flowers from the garden, herbal tea and homemade pastries. Help prepare the meal, pick, taste and enjoy the meal with vegetables and fruit straight from the garden.

By appointment only.

Ronit Elazari 052-3666819

ארוחת ערב בתפריט טעימות - ארץ ערבה

Eretz Arava -  Arava Land Restaurant  - Tasting Menu Dinners – Tzukim

A truly special dining experience with an evening meal starting with a variety of salads and hot crispy bread. The portions are served one after the other, at the end of which a dessert of your choice is served alongside freshly made herbal tea, from herbs in the nearby orchard.

Vegetarian guests or additional dishes may be ordered in advance from the special menu.

Thursday - 19:30

The price of the meal is 240 Nis per person, we recommend that you book by Tuesday of the same week.

For details and reservations www.eretzarava.com or  052-6060954


מסעדת בר במדבר חצבה

Bar Ba'Midbar  - Hatzeva – Pre booking only

The perfect place for carnivores to take a break on their way to or from Eilat, or guests staying in the Arava region!

We serve a range of menus for guests and also vegetarian and children's meals.

A spacious garden surrounds the restaurant, which is air- conditioned in summer and heated during winter.

Private events and workshops may also be held here.

For further details and reservations –052-3338646, 052-3205427


Catering, Fast Food, Food Shops

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רוזטה תמונה רגילה

Rosetta  - Ein Yahav

Fresh and tasty homemade dishes made with the finest of Arava produce, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Quiches, salads, soup and cooked food, "from the field to your plate", made fresh daily.

100% natural produce, sugar free, without plain flour nor preservatives

Call by Thursday to order take aways from Friday and Saturday

For more information and reservations Hadas, 054-2323024

ארוחת בוקר עפרוני עין יהב

Efroni Ba'Midar – Country Style Breakfasts Ein Yahav

Stylish and delicious kosher and dairy food and picnic breakfast baskets – served to your accommodation.

We also cater for large events.

Sharon Efroni 052-3665962

היגורטיה עין יהב


Delicious homemade yoghurt and delicious toppings  -  fruit, jams, mini chocolates and sauces.

Tasty coffee and a yeast cakes.

Take aways are available

Opening Hours:

Thursday 16:00 – 21:00

Friday       11:00 – 18:00

Saturday   10:00 – 20:00

Yael – 052-8814466

גיא קייטרינג בערבה

Guy Arava Catering  Tzofar

High quality, homemade, breakfasts and dinners  - served to your accommodation.

Buffet meals or waiter service.

All our meals are made with fresh and high quality ingredients.

All meals are cooked with care and devotion – especially for you.

For further details and reservations – Guy  052-519001

מבשלת בירה ערבה

Arava Beer Brewery – Tzukim

Located at Tzukim, our brewery produces 3 types of beer "Ktzara", "Inbar" and "Dark Blonde".

The beer is fresh, unique, unfiltered and unpasteurized.

Tours are available throughout the week.

Friday – beer is served from 12:00!  Come and enjoy lunch , refreshing draught beer, great music and friends.

For further details Ohad Katz 052-7202301

Find us on Facebook

שגיא חרמוני עין יהב - פיצה

Trailer Pizza – Ein Yahav

Pizzas are handmade from homemade dough and a variety of topping including a variety of rich vegetables. All pizzas are made with traditional homemade tomato sauce, fresh basil leaves, fine cheeses and special additions such as roasted eggplant, onion jam and others.

Open Sunday to Thursday & Saturday 12:00 – 21:30

Friday 12:00 – 20:00

For further details Sagi 052-3666811

רייס שחם - תיאלנדייה

Kantina – The Store Ein Yahav

Opening Hours Friday and Saturday 08:00 – 20:30

Meat Department: - a selection of meats and premium steaks, kebabs, sausages and more self-produce alongside deli items.

A large variety of seafood and fish.

Wine and Alcohol Department:

- Come and taste our homemade Tishbi Wine, straight from the barrel.

- A selection of refreshing local and imported beers.

Asian food - noodles, sauces and spices.

Three brands of olive oil.

Fresh fruit and vegetables.

Picnic and tour equipment - pans and poyke pots, cookbooks, books about the Arava and travel books.

Arava maps and tourism booklets - at your disposal free of charge.

Come and visit us!

Oren 052-3666300, Roni 052-3666812


שוק אורגני

"Male Ha'Tene" (Fill a Basket) Organic Fruit and Vegetable Market Ein Yahavחדש?  

Thursdays 16:00 – 19:30

Fridays  09:00 – 13:00

Farm to Table - Come and visit our awesome organic market, held in our packing house!

We also offer "Pick your own fruit and veg" in season and by prior appointment, please call 052-3666606 or 052-8360088 or 052-2913379

פויקה דק בר

Deck Bar  -Friday Night Kosher Dinners for Groups Ein Yahav

Kosher Friday night meals for groups of 15 people or more. Meals are served at your zimmer or Khan before the start of the Sabbath in heat-preserving utensils. The menu is varied and kosher under the supervision of the regional rabbinate.

New at Deck Bar!! South American Poyke. A rich, smoky flavored desert meal. Poyke root veggies and beans (vegan delicacy), Spring Chicken Poyke (recommended for children), Goulash Poyke with spicy seasoning and Hunter's Poyke for meat lovers. Generous portions, perfect for families and small groups.

Pre-booking is required.

We serve Shawarma on Friday between 10: 00-14: 00

For further details and reservations – Yoav Asa 052-3666638

Facebook: Deck Bar


המעדנייה בצוקים

The Deli – Tzukim

Thursday 11:00 – 22:00

Friday      10:00 – 16:00

Saturday 11:00 – 22:00

For further details – Shachar or Yariv 052-2290560

טבע בוקיש

Let your vacation start now! The Teva Bukish Nature Store welcomes you.

We offer a range of high quality, fresh produce and additional unique products, and deliver them to your accommodation! Save yourself shopping, queuing, bag-carrying, refrigerating, packing, and relax and enjoy your holiday.

A selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, carefully selected for you, unique and indulgent gifts, fresh dried fruits, homemade pitta bread without preservatives, tasty and special vegan patties, hand-made puffs and more.

Please order in advance and we will make sure your order arrives on time!

We deliver to Tzukim, Faran, Antelope Ranch and Tzofar.

For other places, self collection is available

Hila: 054-6995623

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